Arborist and Planting Services in Broomfield

Arborist and Planting Services - Broomfield

Hiring an arborist in Broomfield CO to maintain your outdoor space, is the perfect way to ensure your lawn always looks good and is well cared for. From tree planting to planting flower beds and shrub planting, a professional arborist has the proper equipment, experience, and knows the appropriate fertilizers to use, to help your lawn and garden cultivation flourish.

Planting Services

Planting flower beds and tree planting isn’t as simple as digging a hole in the ground, adding a few seeds, and adding water. For your lawn and garden to flourish, it has to be properly cared for and tended to. Our specialists offer a wide range of trees, plants, and shrub planting services. When hired for these tasks we

  • Plot out the floral arrangements, proper location for trees, shrubs, and hedges (based upon lighting, height, depth, nearby obstructions, etc)
  • Level the ground and make sure to remove weeds, roots, and other foliage before planting
  • Dig holes which are deep enough (using proper excavation equipment) so the trees won’t uproot in high wind conditions
  • Apply proper fertilizer, wood chips, additives, and other vitamins to help with growth
  • Maintain the area (watering, fertilizing, etc. as needed)

We don’t just plant trees and flower beds, we can also maintain them for you. If you’d like us to come to your home weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, to ensure they’re growing properly and nourishing, we can discuss these services with you.

Proper Equipment

It’s not just about understanding the proper lighting and watering needs to ensure your trees and plants will grow. It’s also important that the right equipment is used when planting, to ensure the roots deeply enmesh themselves into the ground. This helps prevent uplifting, shifting, or breakage because the foundation is too weak. When planting, we use

  • Industrial-grade excavators to dig deep holes and trenches for planting
  • Drill bit augers to ensure proper directional rotation of the soil and depth for planting
  • Fertilizer/seed distributors to ensure the area is properly covered
  • Root busters, to cut through deep weeds and roots, which can affect proper growth of the flower beds, shrubs, and trees we plant

With the right equipment, not only is it easier to plant, it is also the best way to ensure the shrubs, trees, flowers, and other foliage we do plant, is going to remain firmly affixed into the ground, and won’t get damaged easily because of weakness or other issues causing the roots to compromise and weaken.

An arborist not only knows what’s required in the planting process, but also what equipment to use. If you want the job done right and your tree services to look their best, we can help.

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